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Analox O2EII Portable Oxygen Analyzer
Analox O2EII Portable Oxygen Analyzer

Analox O2EII Nitrox Analyzer

The Analox O2EII® Nitrox checker is a tried and tested analyzer. It has taken the sport diving world by storm and is now the preferred analyzer for Nitrox divers. The O2EII® is quick and easy to use with 5 Simple Steps giving you the knowledge to plan for a safe dive.

As a Nitrox diver, confidence in your mix is vital to an enjoyable, trouble free dive. Most diving associations stipulate in their training that you should never dive Nitrox without being absolutely sure what your mix is, and therefore the use of a Nitrox Analyzer (also known as an Oxygen Analyzer) is essential.

Analox has worked in the diving industry for over 25 years and we are specialists in designing analyzers to help look after the air you breathe. This analyzer is suitable for both experienced and advanced Nitrox divers.

The Analox O2EII™ Nitrox checker is a tried and tested oxygen analyzer. Since its launch in March 2002 it has taken the sport diving world by storm. The O2EII™ is really easy to use with a simple 5 step process allowing you to plan for a safe Nitrox dive.

  • Easy to use - Ergonomically designed comfort grip with automatic switch off after ten minutes.
  • Easy to read - Once you have completed your analysis, simply freeze your reading on the display
  • Easy to carry - The O2EII™ is fitted with a handy wrist lanyard.
  • Easy to maintain - The O2EII™ oxygen sensor has a long life and is easy to change

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Price: $325.00

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